New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Fabrinet offers “One Stop Service;” from backend wafer processing to modules and system processes.

First Fabrinet’s NPI team receives the data of customer inputs (i.e. BOM, assembly drawing, component drawing, and test requirements). Then the NPI team can evaluate the feasibility of the proposed products and the requirements for it to be manufactured, assembled, tested, and delivered in a sufficient quantity and an acceptable cost.

The NPI team will then establish the process design and development planning after a preliminary “manufacturing feasibility study” is accepted by both parties. The manufacturing process design is developed after the preliminary design and development plan is issued.

A qualification build of product will be performed to validate the process designed and to ensure the resulting product can meet the requirements. The quality data and test specification data will be reviewed and documents will be updated to reflect any changes during process development.

Summary of NPI work flow:

  • Review customer inputs
  • Feasibility study
  • Process design and development planning
  • Manufacturing process design
  • Process verification
  • Process validation
  • Prototype lot run
  • Product approval
  • Product released for mass volume