Sustainable Manufacturing

A Fabrinet Case Study by Dr. Harpal Gill and Mark Lopus


Today, businesses worldwide are placing more and more focus on the environmental impacts of their products and operations. Manufacturers in particular are expected to actively promote clean and sustainable production methods and processes.

This paper describes a substantial initiative undertaken by Fabrinet to introduce sustainable manufacturing through greener operations leveraging LEAN manufacturing principles. Specifically, Fabrinet created a Green Stream Mapping Methodology, leveraged from LEAN manufacturing’s Value Stream Mapping, to systematically identify green projects that could lead to reductions in cost and a healthier environment.

Leveraging this methodology and by involving all staff in Green Living Workshops and Global Awareness training, Fabrinet achieved significant reductions in paper usage, energy consumption, water usage and solid waste generation. This same approach can be used by any company to make positive environmental impacts and realize substantial savings.