ASM Amicra
AFC Plus die bonder
and flip chip bonder

An 'all in one' 1 micron accuracy assembly system
for die and micro optic assembly and Eutectic soldering
allowing less than 15 seconds for a full laser soldering
eutectic bonding cycle.

State of the Art SMT

DEK Screen printer / Koh Young 3D SPI / ASM Siplace X
and SX series /ERSA Hotflow with N2 / Yamaha 3D AOI / Advance package IC
and SMD 01005 with Flip chip down to 130 um pitch

Dage Quadra 3

2D X-ray inspection with large angle scan
to simulate 3D inspection.

March AP600

Argon and Oxygen plasma treatment
for uniform cleaning and surface preparation.

DCT Cleaning machine

3 separate cleaning systems with different cleaning agents per application
for maximum efficiency and minimum cross contamination.

ASM iHawk Aero
wire Ball bonder

Gold or copper wire bonding , up to 24 wires per second
and down to 35 micron pitch/bonding
accuracy of 3 microns

Nordson Dage 4000
die/wire shear and pull tester

Pull force of up to maximum of 10 kg
and shear force of up to 100kg

Welcome to Fabrinet Israel

We have a dedicated NPI and Quick Turn Center to support the R&D and Product Development of our customers in Israel. Perfectly located in Yokneam High-Tech Park, we will support your early stage product and small to mid-volume manufacturing needs followed by a transfer to our World-Class Thailand location for a low-cost volume solution.

We specialize in precision optical, electro-optical, advanced electronic PCBA and electro-mechanical process technologies for high-mix, any-volume production. Our First Class customer service, flexibility and skills in managing complex operations in lower cost Southeast Asia has made us the trusted partner for the world’s Top OEMs for over 20 years.

For the first time in Israel, we are providing a suite of capabilities that includes, Advanced  Packaging for Optical, MEMS and other precision hybrid assemblies, state of the art SMT capabilities, Full Turnkey Assembly, Complete Failure Analysis, Materials Analysis and Product Qualification under one roof!

At Fabrinet, we are dedicated to supporting our local customers’ process development, DFM, DFT, prototyping, new product introduction (NPI), low to mid volume production and a seamless transition to high volume production in Asia. We offer full support for Process/Product Qualification, Real time FA, FMEA with In-house Materials & Process Analysis Labs.

Fabrinet Israel specializes in Advanced Optical Packaging, PCBA manufacturing, sub assemblies and modules, box build and precision sensors for a wide range of applications and industries.

Our Mission

Quality, On Time Delivery and Competitive Cost

IP Protection

Proven track record for the last 20 years with dedicated processes and resources to support and protect your IP


Uncompromising quality at <15 DPPM “out of the box”

On Time Delivery (OTD)

On Time Delivery and Quick Turn Assembly all supported by a global supply chain


We offer competitive low-cost solutions by leveraging our support personnel and supply chain expertise in Thailand


  • Expertise and Technology: Precision Optoelectronics, industry leading PCBA/SMT capabilities, DFM, FMEA, Turn-Key Process Development for NPI and Volume production. Design and development of jigs and fixtures including full automation.
  • Manufacturing Processes: Precision Microelectronics assembly and packaging – includes die attach with epoxy and eutectic soldering, wire bonding, seam sealing, active and passive alignment, flip-chip, Multi-chip module assembly. Customizable assembly process development, for semi and fully automated manufacturing processes.
  • NPI (New Product Introduction): Support customer R&D process, quick turn and real-time feedback
  • Vertical Integration: High quality module and full turn-key box build manufacturing under one roof
  • Scalability: Seamless transition to high volume production in Thailand
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis: Full Materials Analysis, FA, FMEA (SEM/EDX, C-SAM, FTIR, Stress Analysis) and full Reliability testing to support HALT and HASS on site!


  • Full Suite of SMT using ASM placement platform

    • MCM, BGA, mBGA, CSP, Flipchip
    • Passive 01005 down to 03015 package
    • Through hole and press fit components
    • ROHS/Non-ROHS- Max pcb size 20”x20”
    • Convection reflow oven (ERSA), Selective wave soldering
    • Automatic dispensers to support die bond/glob top
    • Advanced underfill jetting to support flip-chip assembly (Nordson Asymtek)
  • Quick Turn Services

    Less than 24 hours

  • Support

    Warranty repair

  • Traceability

    Full traceability of each lot by process step via In-house MES

  • Real time engineering collaboration

    Turn-key Process Development: Extension of your R&D lab

  • Visual Inspection

    • SPI (KY), AOI (Yamaha)
    • 2D X-Ray (Dage)
  • Testing

    • Flying Probe (Takaya APT9411CE)
    • Functional Test

    Design for Manufacturability & Testability


    Full suite of support for materials and product analysis

  • Advance Packaging Capabilities

    • Die attach, Wire bonding
    • Seam Sealing
    • Passive and Active Alignment
    • Flip Chip, MCM, Underfill

Markets / Industries Served

  • Optical Communications – Telecommunications, Data communications Modules & Complete Network Systems
  • Autonomous Vehicles – LiDAR, Precision sensors, IoT, 3D cameras
  • Industrial, Semiconductor and Lasers
  • Medical– FDA Class 1 and Class 2, Sub-Assemblies and Systems
  • Aerospace and Defense Systems
  • Precision sensors

Scale & Facilities

  • Located in Yokneam High-Tech Park, 4 HaMada Street
  • Total Space 2,100 sqm (23,000 Sq Ft)
      • 1,750 sqm of manufacturing space,
      • 300 sqm of Clean room class7 facilities.
      • 300 sqm of engineering labs and offices
      • 50 sqm of Clean room class 8 for engineering labs

About Fabrinet

World class electronic manufacturing services provider

Fabrinet is a Global, Publicly Traded (NYSE:FN) EMS Provider with over 12,000 employees, and Divisions in the US, UK, China, Thailand and Israel. We are known for high-quality, complex opto-mechanical, PCBA and electrical assemblies and systems. To learn more about Fabrinet, visit Fabrinet Israel, a Fabrinet Company is located in Yokneam, Israel with proximity to the region’s major technology centers. The 2100 sqm Israeli facility is designed to provide services for high-mix, low volume, NPI and quick-turn projects to help our customers accelerate time to market. Leveraging Fabrinet’s proven quality systems and processes, Fabrinet Israel can provide customers a seamless transition to low-cost, high volume manufacturing in Southeast Asia.


Yokneam High-Tech Park
4 HaMada street, Yokneam, Israel.