Process Development

Fabrinet provides process development and prototyping services for a wide range of products; from PCBA and optical sub-assemblies to complete modules. We work with a range of companies (from tier 1 companies to small startups), providing them with a complete turnkey manufacturing process. This allows them to bring their products from the design phase to volume production and meet time-to-market requirements. 

Rapid prototyping turnaround is achieved through the following ways:

  • Component sourcing is done through our global supply chain. Our experienced team can make recommendations on alternate parts that meet or exceed quality, delivery, and cost requirements.
  • We offer an extensive suite of proven manufacturing processes: SMT, die attach, wire bonding, active alignment, fiber management etc.
  • Our robust processes are complemented by state-of-the-art equipment and in-house tooling designs and fabrication.
  • Our engineering team has broad product experience and deals with companies worldwide

Recent product development examples include:

  • 25G transceiver PCBAs
  • A range of optical communication lasers (fixed wavelength and tunable)
  • 100G optical transceiver modules
  • Active optical cables for datacenter and consumer applications
  • Silicon photonics assemblies
  • High-power diode lasers
  • Frequency-doubled diode lasers