Fabrinet is a global engineering and manufacturing services provider. We provide complex optical and electro-mechanical components, modules, and bulk optics. These components serve the markets of data communications, telecommunications, networking, medical devices, and automotive technologies. Our customers are top-tier OEMs.

Fabrinet’s Core Values:

  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Positive work environment

Compensation and Benefits:

We provide equitable compensation for our employees based on their job responsibilities and performance.

Employee Recognition and Development:

Fabrinet values the overall wellbeing of our employees. We offer a wide range of programs that provide training, professional development, employee recognition, and reward employee performance. These programs also help to support a good balance between an employee’s work and personal life.

Employment Package:

  • Managerial skills and leadership skill development
  • Scholarships
  • Opportunity to work overseas
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Year-round, intensive in-house training programs covering both general and technical skill development


Casix Inc.:

Casix Inc., founded in 1992, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fabrinet. Casix is located in the city of Fuzhou in the Fujian province of China. Here we engage in R&D and manufacturing.

It is through Casix that we sell precision optical components, crystal materials, and fiber communication devices. This location is where 95% of our products are exported.

Fabrinet West:

Fabrinet West is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is the new home of our Quick Turn NPI High & Low Volume Production division. This is where we specialize in PCBA manufacturing, module, and box builds.

At Fabrinet West, employees will collaborate with many of the world’s leading technology companies. This gives them the opportunity to learn with experienced professionals and work on state-of-the-art products.

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Fabrinet Thailand:

Fabrinet Thailand was established in 2000 by our CEO and Chairman David T. Mitchell. Our extraordinary customer service, flexibility, and our skills in managing complex operations (among the lower costs of Southeast Asia) have made us a trusted partner of the world’s leading OEMs.

We are passionate and committed to providing world-class reliability and a level of quality that meets our customers’ exacting standards.

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VitroCom is a subsidiary of Fabrinet, a large contract manufacturing company specializing in precision manufacturing for the world’s most demanding OEMs. Casix, our sister company located in China, offers high quality crystal and precision optics products, lenses, coatings and more. Products and services from all three companies are complimentary in nature. This partnership offers customers essentially one-stop shopping for crystal and glass components, precision Technical glass products and complex sub-assembly incorporating these and other products.

Fabrinet Japan:

Fabrinet Japan supports our regional customers with extraordinary customer service, flexibility, and our skills in managing complex operations that have made us a trusted partner of the world’s leading OEMs.