Optical Communications

Fabrinet offers a full range of foundry services supporting optical communication products. These products require extremely precise processes, which range from laser packaging to system-level integration. We combine our opto-electronic and opto-mechanical process technologies with our bulk optical materials and components technologies to serve every market. This provides significant efficiency advantages in sourcing, quality control, and deep process know-how.

Fabrinet offers a full range of vertically designed optical products and services; from lens manufacturing, coatings, and opto-mechanical packaging to passive and active alignment. These processes often require submicron-level tolerances to support 5-axis active alignments within macro system-level integration.

Fabrinet is totally committed to its “never compete” manufacturing philosophy. We provide stringent IP protection throughout our operations to ensure that each customer’s intellectual property is safeguarded.

Logistic Services

  • Freight consolidation, direct shipments, and RMA processing on raw materials and finished goods using VMI hub management