Fabrinet offers a full range of services for industrial and commercial products. These services range from PCBA builds to system-level builds and integration. Our complex electro-mechanical process technologies, coupled with stringent quality control provide the superior quality products needed for your financial success. We realize that time-to-market is a critical factor in the Industrial marketplace and we are committed to on-time deliveries to our partners.

Our focus on high mix at any volume in Southeast Asia ensures that we can cater to the volatile end-market demands of the industry with ease (and at the right price). We provide stringent IP protection throughout our operations to ensure that each customer’s intellectual property is safeguarded.

  • NPI engineering support (DFM, DOE, DFT, etc.)
  • Advanced engineering lab
  • Material lab
  • Reliability lab
  • Failure analysis lab
  • In house Tooling, Fixture and Tester Design and development
  • Modular facilities scale from NPI to any volume for manufacturing
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485
  • Six Sigma and Kaizen standards
  • Chip on Board
  • Laser assembly and alignment
  • SMT
  • Back end / Box build
  • In house development of custom made machine, tooling and functional tester
  • Onsite, flexible clean rooms
  • Web-based, real-time information and traceability systems
  • World Class Engineering/Manufacturing
  • Dedicated, multi-disciplinary engineering teams offer significant industry-specific expertise with ability to prototype, optimize and ramp to any production volume
  • Complete product life cycle services:
    • NPI engineering support (DFM, DFT, etc.)
    • Tooling and fixture design
    • Test development support (hardware and software)
    • In-house process/ product validation capabilities
Supply Chain
  • VMI hub management
  • Board of Investment (BOI) approved for duty and tax exemption
  • Regional supplier base management
  • Supplier PCN management